Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Two Months... Oh, and Happy New Year! (Part One)

First, we must open by apologizing for not posting at all in the last 2 months!...Oops! We've had a lot of trips back and forth between MI.& IL and a few illnesses. We'll comment on some of these things in this post.

Shari Lynne: In the beginning of November, Sean and I went to a baby shower for my cousin Aaron and his wife, Gina, who had a baby girl named Emma on December 17th. I have another 2nd cousin. Sean was able to meet some more random family members, and we played some cheesy shower games.

Sean: I came back early because we had a ADAPT of Chicago Productions taping, where I was filmed doing an editorial piece about the poor job Sarah Palin has presented herself as a hypocrite since the 2008 election. Shari Lynne stayed in MI 'til the 18th because she had a volunteer commitment on the 16th. Meanwhile, we formally adopted our new kitty, Sweet Pea (named by Shari Lynne), who we waited 3 months to bring home. It was supposed to be an early one-year anniversary gift, but it turned into a late anniversary gift and early Chanukah gift (more on that later). She had ring worm, so the adoption facility, PAWS, kept her as long as necessary to make sure the infection was all gone. We ended up calling almost every week to see what the status was on her condition. A special thanks to Becky Schwartz Abramowitz for helping to bring her home on November 12th!

Shari Lynne: On November 16th, I was still staying at my dad and step-mom's place in MI, my volunteer opportunity had been canceled until February. I was kinda relieved about that, actually, because I couldn't find a ride to the meeting. Anyway, on the night of the 17th, I tried going to bed at a reasonable time, but I was restless. I got back out of bed, and ironically, Sean called my cell at the same time. Turns out, I should have just stayed in bed, even though it was nice to talk to Sean, because as I went to turn on the light in the living room and sit on the couch in the living room, I lost my balance and caught myself by grabbing the window sill and the side of the couch. Unfortunately, I crunched my hand into the arm of the couch (screw you CP and random balance issues!). I went to an ER once back in Chicago. I broke my ring finger on my left hand; they had to cut off my engagement ring; which made me cry, it costs more to get it fixed than it cost to buy it; and now, it's  "healed" crookedly. My Dad was wonderful enough to buy a new ring for me, but since my finger is now crooked, I can't even try on the new ring. :(

Sean: When Shari Lynne got back into town, her Dad (Gordon) and step-Aunt Joy had driven her, and Gordon stayed for the weekend. She was so happy to see our new addition, Sweet Pea. Aunt Joy didn't stay with us, she's got a daughter and son-in-law (Ali and Steve), who live a couple miles from us, but she had dinner with us, and she brought us to an early vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner at Ali and Steve's house. It was pretty good food! It wasn't too weird having Gordon over. He helped us shop for groceries and made breakfast and other meals for us.--

Shari Lynne: --Sweet Pea loves Dad! He was the first person that she cuddled up to and let pet her, which made me totally jealous!... That's changed, now. Just today she visited me three times for a petting/cuddle session. She loves to be petted.

Sean: It was interesting, your Dad's stay because, on the one hand, he got to remind me over and over again how weird I am.--

Shari Lynne: --which, "coincidentally" is the same thing I do everyday. :)

Sean: On the other hand, he said, you're strange, but I like you, you're a good guy. He appreciates my sense of humor, overall, but especially about my disability. It was nice of him to say that, it meant a lot, and it was unexpected, too.

For Thanksgiving, Shari Lynne, Mom, and I went to Peotone, IL to visit my aunt and uncle. Mom met us here, at the apartment. We took the bus down to Millennium Station and then a train down to University Park where my grandfather (Papa) picked us up. It was the first major holiday since Mama (my grandmother) died, so it was important for us to be there. It was good for me to see my younger cousins, who live with my aunt and uncle, but otherwise, it felt socially awkward.

Shari Lynne: The food was pretty good, though. :)

Sean: Next came was interesting because I've never celebrated it before. Shari Lynne is converting to Judaism (Reform). I'm agnostic, but Judaism is growing on me. If anything, I do appreciate the community/cultural aspects of it.

Shari Lynne: I decided in October 2008, after years of curiosity about Judaism and months of questioning in 2008 to convert. I've been struggling for years to find a way to accept the Baptist/Wesleyan Christianity that I've grown up with, when so much of what most Christian denominations preach does not fit with my values. I started reading about Judaism, particularly the Reform Movement because that is the Movement my brother Justin's partner, Elon's family belongs to, and the one my cousin, Carissa converted to in 2001. I appreciated the concentration on social justice issues and hoped to have family to share holidays with when it becomes official. When I met Sean, we had a brief discussion about it, and when I knew we'd be getting married, I insisted he at least learn along with me about Judaism so that I am not the only one teaching our hypothetical children about it. :)

 So, anyway, it was fun to celebrate together, for the first time, and start creating our own traditions for the holidays. We still visited my side of the family for Christmas because that's the only time we are guaranteed to see Justin and Elon (New Yorkers) every year. This year was unique where travel is concerned because we were able to leave Chicago on the same train as Elon and got to visit with him for a few hours outside the "Denton-drama-bubble," as I call it.

Both: Good-Night for now!

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