Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Last Two Months... Oh, and Happy New Year! (Part Two)

Shari Lynne: I guess we could apologize again for taking so long to post Part Two, but hey, it was New Year's Eve; we met a new friend; and we randomly were invited to a very loud party. So here we are scrambling to finish our New Year post before the new year is too old of news. So, let's get back to the update!

Sean: Christmas with the Dentons was the least dramatic in recent history. Though I've only been to two Denton Christmases so far, at least there was no verbal grilling this year, since I've been made an honorary member of the far. I've learned the secret hand-shake, though, they reserve the right to revoke my membership and its privileges at any time.

Shari Lynne: Excuse me! I think I'm the one that has the right to revoke your privileges at any time, thankyouverymuch! LOL.

Sean: Chanukah was good because we had already exchanged gifts so we didn't have to worry about each other on Christmas. Thankfully, we were able to cover gifts for everybody this year, largely because we didn't have tuition/fees to pay.

Shari Lynne: It's been awkward for the last few years just showing up with maybe cards when everyone else has gifts to share.

Sean: So, we spent 4 days in MI, we got really late on the 27th. We had our luggage, two manual wheelchairs, forearm crutches, and many gifts--

Shari Lynne: -- including cookies and fudge! :)

Sean: We were exhausted and it took us a few days to recuperate and unpack. We had more low-key New Year's Eve plans. We were going to just have some snacks and probably watch TV. We had been invited to another New Year's shindig, but there were some people who were attending that party who are unsavory, and I would rather spend New Year's around people I enjoy instead of others who I find distasteful and risk being verbally, not-so-nice to them. Suffice it to say, we turned down that invitation and WERE going to stay home, and then we met our new neighbor, Mansour. He's really nice, a cool guy, His New Year's plans changed when his friends weren't able to make it for the New Year's Bash at Excalibur. We didn't know about his plans, and we invited him to hang out with us. Instead, he invited us to come with him, which we gladly accepted.

Shari Lynne: I thought it would be fun to go out on New Year's Eve for a change, but we finally made it into the club, I heard the throb of the club mixes and immediately thought, "Oh, what were we thinking!" However, we ended up having a good time drinking from the open bar, watching people in their very skimpy prom-ish get-ups, and dancing-more like head bobbing- to the music. Mansour was really sweet about going back and forth to the bar for drinks for all of us, since we couldn't get to the bar with all the people in the way of our wheeled accessories.

Sean: The open bar was supposed to last 'til 11pm, one thing we all have in common was that we'd had enough of the loud music and crowds, so we left early. Next we all made our way to Navy Pier to try to see the fireworks. We saw what we could but couldn't see a great amount of the fireworks and tried to leave before the finale to attempt to beat the crowds. We failed. We did our best to make our way out and called an accessible cab. Mansour very generously paid for the cab.

Shari Lynne: I tried to pay the driver, but Mansour had quicker/easier access to his wallet, so we will definitely have to pay him back in some other way in the future.We were pretty exhausted when we got back, but it was a good night, overall.

We hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year and look forward to more stories to share this year!